Skully’s blog

Well, here we are. On the cusp of bidding farewell to the “summer” of questionable weather and preparing to be enveloped by the warming autumnal reds and oranges of those trees which still have any leaves left after the increasingly predictable August gales and downpours. Well, autumn technically starts in September doesn’t it?!

It seems hard to believe we’re so far into the year, but then time really does fly when you’re having fun … and oh, what fun we’ve had 😉

Our 10th year of entertaining the masses at events both great and small has been damn good fun and we’re grateful to everyone who has invited us to play, joined in or simply come along to listen and (hopefully) enjoy.

But this isn’t the end of the year, it’s only the beginning. The start of something different. Something steeped in tradition. Something dark, yet spattered with explosive bursts of light.

The air is tinged with the faint smell of burning as the wind carries the smoke of a nearby lit bonfire. And somewhere in the distance, the sound of drums draws ever closer …