2020 Gig List

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If you want to know when and where we’re playing over the coming months, who’s organising it and what to wear etc. read on

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Full details of gigs will be sent out a few days before each event by email from SkullDrummery, using ‘mailchimp’ (they’re the emails with our logo at the top) so look out for them! If you don’t see them, check your ‘junk’/’spam’ folder, and make sure we’ve got your correct email address.

Gig attendance
Please let us know if you are coming! With so many people using so many different forms of communication it can be a real headache trying to organise gigs (especially over bonfire season). To help make things more manageable and keep everyone’s responses in one place, we’re using a “Doodle Poll” survey to record everyone’s availability.

How to add your response:

1. Click this link
This will take you to the Doodle Poll. If you’re using a mobile, turn your phone sideways first (landscape not portrait). That way you’ll see the full poll properly:
Gig attendance Doodle Poll

2. Find your name in the list
Scroll down the list of names on the left to find your name. Names are grouped together by Snare, Tom then Bass and listed alphabetically. When you find your name, click/touch it then click/touch the ‘pencil’ icon that will appear next to it. If you’re not already on the list of attendees then just click the ‘+’ symbol at the top of the Participants column on the left to add your name and it will create a new row just for you.

3. Add/Edit your availability
You’ll then see a row with an empty box beneath each gig. If you can make a gig, just click/touch the box once to put a green tick in it. If you think you might be able to make it but aren’t sure, click/touch the box twice to add a yellow tick. If you can’t make a gig, don’t click that box – just leave it empty. If you can’t make any of them, just add your name but leave all the boxes empty!

4. Submit your response
When you’re done, click the green “Send” button at the bottom.

You can use the same link (above) to go back and change your response later if you need to. Just click/touch your name then click the ‘pencil’ icon that will appear next to it. You can change your response/s by clicking/touching the relevant boxes. Remember to click the green “Update” button at the bottom otherwise your change won’t be saved.

SD Bonfire Gear
When the gigs below state “Outfit: SD Bonfire gear”, this is what to wear;
* Hats
* Tailcoats
* SD t-shirts
(NB: On 5th November only, it’s BLACK & WHITE STRIPED TOP NOT the usual SD t-shirt! See the ‘5th November’ event below for more details)
* Black/white neckerchiefs
(NB: On 5th November only, it’s RED/WHITE NECKERCHIEF NOT the usual black/white! See the ‘5th November’ event below for more details)
* WHITE strides/trousers
* Black boots/shoes

SD Non-Bonfire Gear
When it’s not an official bonfire gig we wear “SD Non-Bonfire gear”. This is basically the same as Bonfire gear but with black strides/trousers/jeans etc. instead of white.

Other/Informal Gear
For more informal gigs, the outfit is the more relaxed “Hoodie”;
* SD hoodie
* SD t-shirts
* Black jeans/strides/shorts/fabric adornment for your lower half!
* Black boots/shoes/assorted comfy footwear etc.

As a general guide, we wear drumskirts at paid and bonfire gigs BUT, to avoid confusion, when a gig calls for drumskirts to be worn it will clearly state below “DRUMSKIRTS REQUIRED!”.

2020 Gigs

Thursday 30th January:

Guy Fawkes execution anniversary

The Red Lion, Lindfield RH16 2HL

Early evening (7:00 ‘ish)

SD Bonfire gear

We’re back at Lindfield to kick-off 2020 with the annual commemoration of Guy Fawkes execution. This is another regular favourite gig. We typically meet at the Red Lion then wander down the road to assemble for a VERY short procession back to the pub again (literally just a few minutes) where we drum a static set in the pub courtyard for about half an hour or so (or as long as they want us to!).

Sunday 9th February:

LFC v London City

The Dripping Pan, Lewes BN7 2XA

Kick-off is published as 2:00 pm, so before then!

Sunday 15th March:

LFC v Charlton

The Dripping Pan, Lewes BN7 2XA

Kick-off is published as 2:00 pm, so before then!

Sunday 5th April:

LFC v Durham

The Dripping Pan, Lewes BN7 2XA

Kick-off is published as 12:00 pm, so before then!

Saturday 18th April:

Heffle Cuckoo Fair

Where to meet:
(2019 was at:) Heathfield Community College car park, Cade Road, Heathfield TN21 8RJ

When to meet:
To be confirmed nearer the time.
2019 was late morning, around 10:30 – 11:00’ish

Sunday 19th April:

Brighton Marathon

Outside Tesco Church Road, Hove BN3 2DL

Usually meet around 9:30/10:00 am ‘ish and drum until around 1:00 pm ‘ish

Teenage Cancer Trust T-Shirt, blue jeans & SD hoodie, comfy footwear (black if you have it!).

This is very much a ‘drop-in when you can’, ‘drum for as long as you can’ and ‘drop-out when you need to’ event. It’s a very relaxed gig and we always get a good turnout and give a great performance to a very appreciative crowd. For anyone who’s recently joined us, this is a brilliant way to get to know our full repertoire as is just like an extended rehearsal. It’s essentially a static set, so no procession. We form a semi-circle on the pavement outside Tesco and drum to encourage the runners as they go past as well as entertain the crowds. Teenage Cancer Trust t-shirts are usually provided for us. For those who don’t already have them from previous years, just ask a committee/band member if you need one. Limited parking for band members is usually available in Tesco’s car park (details of how to register for parking will be circulated nearer the time along with how to access the car park as the usual main entrance will be closed off). At the end of the day we’re raising money for a very worthy cause, so the more drummers and volunteer bucket-carriers we have the better!

Sunday 26th April:

LFC v Coventry

The Dripping Pan, Lewes BN7 2XA

Kick-off is published as 2:00 pm, so before then!

Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th May:

Purbeck Pirate Festival

Sandpit Field, Swanage BH19 1NP

Plans are coming together but not confirmed yet.
Potentially a weekend ‘camp-out’ from Sat 23rd to Sun 24th May.

Something piratey!

This is a new gig for us, so we don’t know exactly what to expect. Chances are it will be much like Hastings Pirate Day (i.e. we roam the seafront looking for opportunities to do some spontaneous drumming!).

A few people seem to be up for making this a weekend trip (well, it’s a long way to go for just a day) so there will potentially be an overnight stay if we can decide where to (a) book some rooms or (b) pitch a few tents! Watch this space for details as things become clearer. In the meantime you can find out more via the organiser’s Facebook page.

Saturday 30th May:

Sykes Harley Davidson Rally

Sykes Harley Davidson, Holmes Hill, Nr Lewes BN8 6JA

It’s too early to say.

SD Non-Bonfire gear (most likely)

We’ve been invited back to drum again at the annual Harley Rally (so we must have done something right last year!).

Friday 3rd or Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th July:

The Road to Ruin

In a field somewhere near Aylesbury … seriously
Latest information states:
Westcott Social Club Ltd, Ashingdon Road, Westcott HP18 OPD

Details very sketchy at this stage.
Potentially a weekend ‘camp-out’ from Sat 4th to Sun 5th July.

This is where it gets interesting. Read on …

This gig is a bit ‘out of left field’ compared to what we’ve done before. We’ve been contacted by the ‘Road to Ruin’ organisers, who saw a video of us playing at Brightona in October and would love us to drum at their event (this is probably mostly thanks to Rob’s hat 😉 ).

From what we know so far, it’s a ‘Post apocalyptic’ themed weekend-long festival which attracts a huge number of enthusiasts from far and wide. It’s all about outlandish costumes and ‘post future-war’ vehicles. Think Mad Max ‘Warriors of the wasteland’ style and you’ll get the idea.

We know nothing more at this stage and further details will be added here as we get them. In the meantime you can find a lot more information about the festival on their Facebook page and the website through which they sell tickets to the event. Their required dress code is heavily emphasised on these pages and we’re currently trying to determine if we’d need to wear anything other than our ‘Brightona’ outfit (which, after all, is what we wore in the video they saw!) but it seems likely that the more ‘steampunk’ and quirky the better!

This would be a paid gig, with entrance tickets and camping passes normally worth around £65 thrown in for all drummers, as well as a great opportunity for us to further raise our profile outside of our normal circle and have a bit of a laugh for those who are up for it. If enough of us are interested and available, we’ll probably try to organise some group transport to the event and will also need to canvass opinion on whether we are up for staying over the night somewhere and making it a 2-day event.

We’re still trying to get a better feel for just how many of us would go so, as always, please register your availability on the Doodle Poll to help us put a plan together.

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